Other Online Support

Parent to Parent of Georgia believes that support comes in many forms. You need to decide what kind of support will best meet your needs. Many individuals and organizations around the state provide online support through email listservs and newsletters. We’ve provided some of them below for you!

Autism Georgia

This group is for parents, professionals and others interested in learning and sharing news, information and resources about autism in Georgia. Members share information and ask questions about medical, educational and therapeutic treatments, both traditional and non-traditional, for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Professionals are welcomed in this group – but are strongly discouraged from using this group as a forum for soliciting individual products or services.

Send an email to autism-georgia-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join. >>

BCW Families

This is a discussion group for families whose children are currently enrolled in the State of Georgia’s Babies Can’t Wait early intervention program. The purpose of this group is to allow families to share, support and educate each other during the early intervention phase of their child’s life.

Send an email to BCWFamilies-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join. >>

GA Children’s Network

This list serv links parents and grandparents of children with special needs with other parents, advocates, professionals, service providers and community organizations. Listserv members offer support and advise on topics including disability info, Babies Can’t Wait, special education, civil rights, and medical care.

Send an email to GA-ChildrensNetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join. >>

GA-Parent Network

This listserv is exclusively for parents and guardians of children with disabilities in Georgia. Parents and guardians of adult dependents are also welcome. This list promotes communication between families on common issues we share, so as to better support, advocate and influence change for our children. Send an email with your name, city or county, and your child’s age and disability to join.

Send an email to GA-ParentNetwork-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to join. >>