About us

Group photo of P2P staff

Parent to Parent of Georgia offers 7 core services to Georgia families impacted by disabilities or special healthcare needs.

  • Supporting Parents is our signature program that matches you to another parent who has had similar experiences.
  • Our Special Needs Database is an online searchable database to help you find providers in your area.
  • The Roadmap to Success provides resources and information to guide you through the trip of a lifetime.
  • Learn about leadership, support groups and community volunteer opportunities in your part of the state as part of the Navigator Project.
  • Check our Training Calendar for face-to face for Statewide Free Trainings.
  • Our Online Opportunities allow you to learn about upcoming special events and volunteer news through our mailing list and social media platforms

Our Vision

To be the source of choice for support, information, education, and leadership development for Georgians with disabilities or special health care needs, ages birth to 26, and their families.

Our Mission

To support Georgia families and individuals from birth to 26 impacted by disabilities or special health care needs

Our Values

To bring about positive outcomes and choices for individuals with disabilities or special health care needs, we believe this to be true . . .

About every Family who contacts us:

  • About every Family who contacts us:
  • Every family has value
  • Every family has choices
  • Every family can grow and build their capacity
  • Every family is exactly where they ought to be at that moment
  • Every family should feel comfortable when reaching out to P2P

About every Family who contacts us:

  • Every staff member is caring and empathetic
  • Every staff member is responsive
  • Every staff member is nonjudgmental and respectful
  • Every staff member is sincere, speaking from the heart

About every Board Director, Volunteer, and Community Partner:

  • Every person brings unique leadership to the organization
  • Every person makes positive contributions to the organization
  • They are representative of the diverse families that we serve across the state