The Navigator Project

The Navigator project is P2P’s volunteer leadership program, and is made up of P2P volunteer representatives throughout the state of Georgia. We believe that the experts on community resources are members of that community, and supporting the growth of parent leadership benefits all families. 

There are parents in your community that would benefit from P2P’s services, and may not know we are here. By joining the Navigator Project, and becoming a P2P volunteer representative you can help them find us!

Children and teens of all ages attending annual Education Fair to choose career path and receive vocational counseling - friends receiving advice

How Does the Navigator Project Develop Leadership Skills?

We want P2P volunteers to have the freedom to grow as leaders in a way that is natural to them. The Navigator Project is built to nurture our volunteers’ growth, and support them as they become a resource in their community.

In order to foster leadership skills for all of our volunteers, regardless of their schedules, strengths, or goals, we have developed two levels of participation. We call them Ambassadors and Navigators. We also have a Support Group program that offers funding opportunities and assistance to parent led support groups.


Ambassadors act as P2P volunteer representatives by helping spread the message that we are here to help. They can do this as casually as handing out a brochure to another parent they meet, or they can run a table at a resource fair. They also help keep our database current, and can distribute P2P materials to local providers. As Ambassadors continually become more confident reaching out to parents, and sharing information about our programs they start to become known in their communities as a valuable resource.


P2P Ambassadors who want to engage in a larger leadership role can become P2P Navigators. P2P Navigators don’t just spread awareness about our services, they actively create opportunities for families to learn and thrive in their community. Some things Navigators do include, organize community events, host trainings, and lead a P2P Support Group.

P2P Support Groups-

P2P’s support group program is an annual grant that provides reimbursements for meeting relates expenses for parent led support groups. Applications are available to new and existing groups. If accepted into the program, leaders will be required to submit paperwork for each meeting, and commit to a certain number of meetings over the course of the grant period. The paperwork includes evaluations and a sign in sheet, both of which give parents the opportunity to request help from P2P.

P2P volunteer representatives spread awareness of our services directly in their communities.  Whether it’s by giving our information to parents you meet on the playground, running a table at a resource fair, leading a support group, or organizing a community event, you will make a difference!

Give us a call and find out how you can join the Navigator Project today!