The staff at Parent to Parent offers families individualized support and information from staff with personal experience caring and advocating for a child with a disability or special healthcare need. When you call us you will be connected to a regional coordinator who lives in your area and has knowledge of the special education and healthcare process.

Supporting Parents

At Parent to Parent of Georgia, our coordinators will be able to match you with a volunteer Support Parent who can listen and share their own experiences. Parent matches are unique to your situation. For example, you can speak to someone whose child has the same disability, has a child in special education in your area, or has experience with a therapy or treatment your child needs. Give us a call to be matched with a Supporting Parent!

P2P Support Groups

Support groups are a chance for parents to share what is in their hands, heads and hearts with other parents with similar needs.

Clayton County Hispanic Support Group

Facilitated by Wanda Hernandez. 

Fulton County Hispanic Support Group

Facilitated by Orfilia Iglesias of Parent to Parent of Georgia. 

East African Support Group

Facilitated by Sara Takele of Parent to Parent of Georgia. 

More Support Groups

To find other support groups available across Georgia and in your area, search our database.

Archived Webinars Archived Webinars

Archived Webinars

Roadmap to SuccessRoadmap to Success

Roadmap to Success