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Don’t see what you are looking for? We can customize training to meet your specific needs. To request training in your area, please contact Parent to Parent of Georgia at 800-229-2038 or 770-451-5484.

Here’s what Parents are saying about P2P Trainings!

“They helped me as a parent to know how to make my daughter’s life more enjoyable and meet her goals as well as my goals for her life.”

“Good examples were used. They helped me in applying information for my child.”

“Instructors did a very good job. Instructors made it as engaging as possible. I’m very grateful that they presented.”

“Great information about how to work together without stepping on toes.”

“Made me think more about planning for the long term and having multiple options. Great catalyst.”

“Provided great direction to parents or how to work with the school system and become a winner.”

“A real eye opener. Felt comfortable sharing and participating.”

“I’m glad P2P has these so parents can obtain knowledge.”

“I enjoyed it.  Would like to attend future events.”