Facts and Figures

Georgia Department of Education CRCT-M Phase Out

This Information Sheet for Georgia parents provides information about Georgia’s transition from CRCT-M (Criterion-Referenced Competency Test-Modified) to the general assessment for Reading, English-Lanuage Arts (ELA), and Mathematics. This document will help parents as they plan with their student’s IEP team for that transition.

Georgia Department of Education Determinations

The U.S. Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) reviews all data that the GaDOE submits each year in their Annual Performance Report (APR) as well as any revisions to their State Performance Plan (SPP). Based upon this review, OSEP makes a “determination” about how the GaDOE is performing.

Click to read GaDOE’s current “determination letter”.

  • - State Performance Plan (SPP), Annual Performance Reports (APR) and Annual Determinations
  • (English) - Ga DOE's determination letter

Georgia Department of Education ESEA Waiver

As of March 30, 2012, the U.S. Department of Education granted Georgia a waiver from some accountability requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), more commonly referred to as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

The waiver allows Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) more flexibility for how schools are evaluated and supported.

Prior to the ESEA waiver, Georgia used Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as the state’s accountability measure.

  • (English) - Georgia Department of Education ESEA Waiver

Georgia Department of Education Parent Guide

When schools and families work together and support each other and when parents are involved and engaged in their child’s education, students achieve at higher levels. Visit this site often for the most up-to-date information about education in Georgia as well as resources designed to serve parents throughout their child’s education.

Georgia’s County Health Rankings

Health outcomes are the primary measure used to rank the overall health of counties in Georgia. Click to see how your county ranks.

Health Care Reform

How will I be affected? Click here to review reports from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on the impact on young adults and families.

Important Offices in your County in Georgia

Need help finding your school system’s special education director, county DFCS office, or Babies Can’t Wait Office? Visit our online Special Needs Database to find these key resources.

Resources for Military Families

MilitaryK12Partners provides resources to assist schools serving military families. Also available are resources for families, military leaders and school leaders to support the needs of military families’ education.

Restraint and Seclusion of Children with Disabilities

Much work is going on right now in Georgia and across the United States to stop the misuse of restraint and seclusion with children in our schools. You can be a part of the efforts to prevent and reduce these harmful practices. Learn about how you can get involved!!