Parenting with P2P: Is One of your Greatest Fears not being with your Special Needs Child when an Emergency Occurs?

May 09 2019

(originally offered 12/15/11)

Presenters: Naomi Williams, P2P Trainer and Health Educator of the GHS Cancer Center

Kristie Johnson, P2P Trainer

Every parent fears for their child’s safety when they are apart from them. For families who have children with

special needs, their level of fear rises with the degree of severity of their child’s special needs.This Parenting
with P2P webinar will give you an “Emergency Information Form”, which is an easy tool that provides a concise

picture of your child’s medical needs in the event you are injured or not present, and unable to speak for your
child’s needs.

Running time: 30 minutes.

(For project evaluation purposes, Parent to Parent of Georgia may email webinar viewers a brief follow-up survey in 3-6 months.)

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