Parent Engagement

Managing Stress for Families with Children with Special Needs

originally offered 12/01/2009 and 4/01/2010)   Presenter: Greer Gaston-Anderson has worked for Parent to Parent of Georgia for over 5 years. She has been married for over 20 years and is a  mother to 3 children. Her oldest son is on the autism spectrum.   Get some great tips for handling the extra stress that […]

Parenting with P2P: Bringing the Fun Back into the Home

(originally offered 05/24/12) Presenter: Bob Cohen – Father and Foster Parent and Mike DeFusco – Father of 2 With summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to get ideas on how your family can enjoy time together.  Join us as two parents share what they do to with their families to have fun together at […]

Parenting with P2P: I’m a Dad and I’m Involved

(originally offered 04/26/12) Presenter: David Glass – Father of 2 and Ganesh Nayak – Father of 1 Join us as two fathers share what they do to be actively involved in the life of their children with special needs. Running time: 22 minutes. (For project evaluation purposes, Parent to Parent of Georgia may email webinar […]

Parenting with P2P: Involving your child in the IEP process

(originally offered 04/19/12) Presenter: Scott Crain – Father of 2 and Laurie Smith – Mother of 2 Most parents know the power of advocating for our children’s needs in school and community settings.  However, sometimes we overlook the need to introduce our children to ways to advocate for themselves. Join us as two parents share […]

Keeping your Middle School Student on a Path to Graduation

(originally offered 6/24/16) Presenter: Angela Gattison Georgia’s graduation rate is 72% for all kids, but it drops steeply to 35% for students with disabilities. Middle school sets the foundation towards getting that high school diploma. Angela Gattison from Parent to Parent of Georgia will share some important tips on how to steer your middle schooler […]

What does Elementary School have to do with High School Graduation

(originally offered 6/6/16) Research shows that children who are not reading proficient by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school compared to their peers who can read. So the path to graduation begins early. In this webinar, Sitara Nayak from Parent to Parent of Georgia will […]

Helping Your Child Get a Regular Diploma

(originally offered 5/19/16) Did you know that high school graduates usually earn twice as much as those without a diploma and are more likely to continue with further education or enroll in job training programs? Likewise, young adults without high school diplomas are more likely to use unlawful drugs, alcohol and tobacco, have children at […]

Paving the Way for High School Diploma

(originally offered 6/8/16) Presenter:  Brandi Kern Independence, decision making and building a social circle may not be concepts you are thinking about as your pre-schooler enters school. But developing and maintaining these skills are important prerequisites to ensuring your little one is on the path to a High School diploma. In this webinar Brandi Kern […]

How can I help my child develop good homework and study habits?

(originally offered 2/21/12) Presenter: Lakeita Servance, Parent Engagement Specialist, Georgia Department of Education Do you cringe when your child says s/he has homework to do?. Find out how you can successfully play an active role in the learning process and maximize the benefits of homework for your children. Running time: 69 minutes. (For project evaluation […]

Tips for Writing Letters and Emails

(originally offered 11/03/11) Presenter: Georgia Fruechtenicht is the mother of 2 young children. One of her children has an IEP. Everyone knows that Dear “John” letters speak from the heart and are hard to write. But how many of us are comfortable writing Dear “DOE” letters to the Department of Education? Running time: 30 minutes. […]