Voting Accommodations And Getting To Know The Candidates

May 10 2019

(originally offered 10/11/12)

Presenter: Cheri Mitchell, Staff Advocate, Georgia Advocacy Office

Perhaps you have a list of excuses not to go to the polls on Election Day. Maybe you feel the voting booths cannot accommodate a person with limited mobility, hearing or vision impairment, or other disabilities.Did you know that certain accommodations can be implemented to make the voting process easier?Advocate Cheri Mitchell of The Georgia Advocacy Office (GAO) shares practical tips on accessing the polls and making the voting process as stress-free as possible. Additionally, this webinar will offer resources so that you can access more information on candidates before casting your vote!

Running time: 21 minutes.

(For project evaluation purposes, Parent to Parent of Georgia may email webinar viewers a brief follow-up survey in 3-6 months.)

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