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Accessible Public Transportation

Public transportation is an essential public service, especially for low-income and urban communities who often must travel long distances to school, work, the supermarket, and other places around the city but who are unable to afford a car. It is especially important for people with physical disabilities who may not be able to operate a car or may find it difficult to walk distances.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides civil rights protections to individuals with disabilities. Among other rights, the ADA guarantees individuals with disabilities equal access to transportation. As a result, limits on accessibility to transportation for disabled individuals must be removed if it’s reasonable to do so. Here is a Q&A on Transportation and the ADA

Air Passengers with Disabilities

Request for TSA Cares Assistance (for assistance through screening checkpoints)

Information about Atlanta’s Marta Mobility

Learning to Drive

Information about Adapted Driving Services

The LD/ADHD Teen Driver: Risky Business or Worth the Risk?


When I was 15, I studied during my summer break to take the learners permit test. I was really nervous so I studied hard for the test. The road rules were hard to learn but I knew the signs really well, probably since I’m more of a visual learner.

I used this website to help me study for the test and it was very helpful  I took the test and passed it on the first try!

The next school year during spring semester I had to take drivers ed which was kind of boring since the teacher didn’t explain it real well. During the summer when I was 16 I took a behind the wheel course that helped me understand driving a lot more than being inside. I kept practicing till the summer of when I was 20 years old and I finally decided to take the driver’s test. I took it once and didn’t pass but I was determined to get my license. I studied more and took it a second time and finally passed the test!

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