Financial Assistance


Financial Assistance

The medical costs of raising a child with special needs can put significant financial strain on your family. You are not alone as there are an estimated 70 million Americans with unpaid medical bills or medical debt. There are a variety of non-profit foundations, companies and other organizations that provide financial and other resources to ease your financial burden.

Coping with Medical Bills

Trying to cope with multiple bills and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Learn some ways that you can help keep costs down and/or reduce your medical debts.
Tips and Resources for Reducing Medical Debt 

Champions for Children

Champions for Children primarily provides financial assistance to children who have been denied the Katie Beckett/Deeming Waiver.

Family Support Services in Georgia

Young girl dressed in costume for performance

“Family Support Services have really helped my child be able to participate in camps and clubs. Her favorite is drama club which has been amazing at helping boost her confidence, taught her acting skills, and helped her make friends. As a parent it was awesome to see her on stage accomplishing more then we ever thought possible!”

Family Support Services assist qualified individuals with developmental disabilities in obtaining goods and services necessary to ensure the best possible care while living in at home or in the community. Some qualified services include therapies, camps, incontinent supplies, dental care and nutritional supplements. ‚ÄčIndividuals who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability may be eligible. More information about Family Support Services in Georgia


Help with Prescriptions and Co-pays

If you are uninsured or if your health insurance plan doesn’t cover prescription drugs you might be able to get free or low cost drugs from various companies. Many foundations provide direct financial assistance to help with co-pays and coinsurance.
Patient Assistance Programs

Financial Resources

For more detailed information on organizations and foundations that provide financial assistance call Parent to Parent of Georgia at 770-451-5484 or 800-229-2038 and a coordinator can help you with your specific need.