The IEP Team


The IEP Team

The group of people who will make decisions concerning your child’s educational program for the next year is called the IEP Team. Like any other “team”, this group needs to work together to create the best plan for your child.

The team may consist of:

  • The student (if able to attend) – this is especially important during transition from high school.
  • The parents, legal guardian, foster parents, or legal advocate in the absence of a parent.
  • A general education teacher who knows the expectations of the curriculum for the grade level of the student.
  • The student’s special education teacher who provides instruction for the student or may just oversee how the student is doing in general education classes and make sure that the student is receiving the services called for in the IEP.
  • A representative of the school system with the authority to commit the school district ‘s resources for meeting the student’s needs.
  • A school psychologist or counselor who can explain the results of any testing that has been done since the last meeting.
  • Any therapist who is working with your child as a related service.
  • A behavior specialist, if your child has or needs a behavior intervention plan.
  • A vision specialist, if your child needs visual enhancement of their material.
  • An Assistive Technology Specialist, if the team is considering providing assistive technology devices, specialized software, or AT services and does not feel they have the expertise needed.
  • Others as needed for expertise in a particular area.
  • Guests of parents may be included such as a friend, relative or professional who is familiar with the child.

All of these members do not have to be present at a particular meeting, and can be excused with approval of the parent.