Health Transition


Health Transition

Health transition means moving from pediatric to adult health care. It includes finding the right doctors, educating your child about their health needs and teaching your child the skills they need to advocate for themselves.

What is a Health Transition Plan?

This is a plan that is most often developed by the individual in collaboration with the parents, doctor and other health care providers.

What is healthcare transition- English video

What is healthcare transition- Spanish video

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Parent/Caregiver Health Transition Worksheet

Youth Milestones Worksheet

Taking Charge of My Health Care – Transitioning from Pediatric to Adult Healthcare: A Guide for Young Adults with or without Disabilities

Taking Charge of My Health Care: A Workbook for Youth and Young Adults with or without Disabilities (In Spanish) This workbook will empower adolescents and provide the needed tools to become more independent and take charge as they move from pediatric to adult health care.

Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition The Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™ 3.0 are intended for use by pediatric, family medicine, med-peds, and internal medicine practices to assist youth and young adults as they transition to adult-centered care. They are aligned with the AAP/AAFP/ACP Clinical Report on Health Care Transition. Sample tools, implementation guidance, measurement, and payment resources are available.

Preparing Your Adolescent for the Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care: A Workbook for Parents and Caregivers, Moving from Health Care Leader to Supporter  (In Spanish) This workbook will provide parents with the tools to prepare their adolescent to take charge as they move from pediatric to adult health care.

Who Makes up the Team?

Your child is at the center of the team. Other team members include you (parents), other family members, your child’s current pediatrician and pediatric specialists, his/her teachers, and providers and specialists who serve the adult population.

Role of the Team Members

Short Videos to Help your Child Learn How to Manage their Health Needs.

Health Transition and IEP Transition plan

A Health Transition plan is different from an education-based IEP transition plan. But a Health Transition Plan will help you and your child recognize what goals need to be set. And these goals can be incorporated into the school-based education plan.

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Examples of Embedding Health Related Goals into your Child’s IEP

Health Transition Timeline

Health transition is a process, not a one time event. To have a smooth transition, you and your child should assess strengths and set goals. This timeline can serve as a guide to help you see what needs to be done to make the transition process easier.

Guide to Getting Older and Changing Health Care Providers

Tips for Families

Health Transition Timeline

Family Stories

Sickle cell disease: The forgotten survivors

 “My Transition Story: from Pediatrics to Adult Clinic”

Having Sickle Cell and also having great doctors, yes, the transition was very hard. I was about 19 or 20 before I actually made the “big move.” I didn’t want to leave my doctor I had been knowing all my life. I felt like no one else could or even knew how to take care of me like my pediatric doctor. She was able to keep me under her care until I was ready. My first year or so in the adult clinic, my mom was at every visit, and sometimes my dad too. That experience was not a very fun one. I wish I had all the things the children have now to help them transition better into adulthood. They have a transition clinic. This is a program where the patients can meet the staff from the adult clinic. They also have a notebook with all their history and information in it. I must say, after my transition, I gained a 2nd family aside from my pediatric family.