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Reading another parents’ story about their children and family can be very helpful. Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry, sometimes we rejoice, sometimes we want to roll up our sleeves and help–but when we do it together the load seems lighter for all of us. 

A Parent’s Perspective on Transition
by Kim Lett

As a parent of a 23-year-old who graduated last year, I can attest that transition is as difficult for the parent as it is for the student. Looking back over the years leading to my child’s transition, these are some of the things I remember: IEP meetings that caused my unseen knees to shake while sitting across the table from people who knew “best” for my child who they only saw a few hours a day while I had a lifetime of knowledge; Being addressed as “Mom” at IEP meetings by professionals my own age; Read More of this story . . .

s-e-p-t-o o-p-t-i-c d-y-s-p-l-a-s-i-a

Read this Mom’s experience with the birth of her son with a rare condition and how he came to be diagnosed. Can you Spell that for Me?

Take Risks, Ride the River
By Barbara Buswell / April 5, 2019

Last June, our family took a river trip to Utah for several days. Since we live in the West, a river trip isn’t a very exceptional experience because a lot of families out here take rafting trips. Read more of this story . . .