Leadership Library


Leadership Library


National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities (NCLDD): NCLDD works in partnership with the major national developmental disability organizations to offer a variety of short-term, intensive leadership development experiences, a resource-rich website, an on-line community of practice, technical assistance and research on best practices and innovations in disability leadership.

Center for Leadership and Disability (CLD):
The CLD at Georgia State University provides advocacy and leadership training for the leaders and advocates of tomorrow through their AUCD Leadership Academy and My Voice. My Participation. My Board (for self-advocates). In addition, through the Georgia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (GaLEND) program, training is provided to future leaders in a variety of disciplines to improve the health of children who have or are at risk of neurodevelopmental and related disabilities.

National Clearinghouse on Disability and Exchange: Administered by Mobility International USA, this is a one-stop resource providing advice and tools for people with disabilities and professionals. They also provide leadership training for women and girls with disabilities.

Friends in the ground

Videos and other Media

Students with Disabilities succeeding in International Exchange programs (video)

Young Leaders (video)

Hear from leaders with developmental disabilities

Guides for Families

Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs

Workplace communication with and about People with Disabilities

Cultivating Leadership: Mentoring Youth with Disabilities