P2P Navigator Project


P2P Navigator Project

The P2P Navigator Project is a leadership program that trains parents to serve as volunteer representatives of Parent to Parent of Georgia. Volunteers are given an in-depth orientation on the programs and services offered by P2P and training specific to the level of volunteer activity.


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Ambassadors are P2P Supporting Parents who can help families with local resources and who may also host P2P events and projects, represent P2P at resource fairs or other activities, and help keep resources on our database current. 

Navigator Teams

P2P Ambassadors who are ready to work with professionals to build resources and develop solutions to local and even statewide disability and health care concerns may take on bigger leadership roles in their communities by forming Navigator Teams that work to create or build new resources or supports. 

Get Involved and Build Leadership Skills

Are You Ready to Grow as a Leader? Valuable leadership lessons learned through training and volunteer activities include:

  • Speaking in Public
  • Strengthening community awareness of disability
  • Responding to diverse needs of community members
  • Asking for donations
  • Organizing the disability community to establish working relationships with key partners
  • Planning successful events
  • Engaging professionals and practicing diplomacy while building community exposure for yourself and your cause

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