Know Your School Board of Education


Know Your School Board of Education

The Georgia Constitution requires that an elected school board oversee each school system.

Members of a local school board are to “manage and control” and to make decisions on almost

every aspect of public school operations. Each school board — as a whole — serves as the

governing body. Individual board members have no authority outside of the board room.

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Addressing Local Educational Policy

As you advocate for your child, you may find it necessary to move beyond the walls of the

classroom and school in order to make a difference for all children in your district.

At the local level, 2 state-authorized groups advocate for educational related issues. Each public

school in Georgia is required to operate a Local School Council. This school-level group is

comprised of parents, teachers and business people. Elected by his or her peers, each member

acts as an advisor to the school principal. In addition, each school has an elected district school

board member who sits on the Local Board of Education. It is his or her responsibility to ensure

that district policy supports and implements state and federal laws.

Changes are often made when parents stand before their school board and tell their stories.

Data can also be a useful reinforcement of your story.

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