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In My Own Words

In My Own Words . . .


Follow Caro’s blog and learn how she is navigating her way through college in North Carolina despite the challenges of learning differences.

caros in camp

I Can Soar: Sean

Watch this video to learn how Sean, a high school junior, approaches daily life with a disability.

That CP Journey

Emma decided to make this blog as a way to share her journey as she embraces her twenties and navigates life with Cerebral Palsy.


Zachary – My College Experience

I thought a lot about what I wanted out of going to college, as this was going to be a major transition from what I was used to. I knew the big part was education and that I’d be living in a community with people. As a result, I first attended a small liberal arts college in Asheville known as Warren Wilson College. I initially thought a small college would be best for me, as it seemed from the onset that classes with 8 to 12 students would be a better fit for me. At Warren Wilson they use the Triad System . . . .Read more

Zach in college