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Youth Leadership

Youth Leadership is important to both the individual who is leading and to those who are receiving the benefits of their leadership. To the individual, leadership is the ability to recognize one’s own strengths and weaknesses, pursue dreams and ideas and set goals to be able to achieve them. Through their leadership they are able to guide or direct others, influence opinions and behavior and lead the way down new paths.

Taking Youth Leadership to the Next Level

In this “Ted Talk”, Chase Pickering discusses some of his bold ideas on youth leadership and how to incorporate youth leaders into the community.

Youth Speaking up for Themselves

Kate Simonds, a courageous 17 year old girl, speaks at a TEDx event in Boise, Idaho, about what it is like to be a teenager.

Kate Simonds talks about the world’s view on youth and how it needs to be changed. Respect is something that is not given to teens right off the bat, unless they have achieved some incredible feat. Kate talks in depth about how this mindset needs to change because teens and youth can be just as much of a positive change as any adult can do.