Youth Self Advocacy

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Youth Self Advocacy

Self-Advocacy is learning how to speak up for yourself, and making your own decisions about your own life. It is learning how to get the information you need so that you can understand things that you are interested in. It is knowing your rights and responsibilities, problem solving, listening and learning, and reaching out to others when you need support and assistance.

Learning How to Advocate for Yourself

Teens and young adults with disabilities can make choices and advocate for themselves if they have the information and support they need. Check out these resources for self- advocacy information specifically for young people.

Navigating College – A Project of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network

Overcoming Disabilities in School – A Youth Leadership Blog

Advocacy ATLAS is an online advocacy toolkit for individuals and families created by Genetic Alliance, Parent to Parent USA, and Family Voices.


This video was created by youth and young adults, as a conversation, to help others understand this important self-advocacy practice. If you need more information about transition opportunities or transition planning, please contact the Georgia Department of Education and the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

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